Workplace at the Speed of Technology

Our lives outside the workplace have been fully integrated with technology for some time now; and it is no secret that corporate leaders are looking for opportunities to further leverage technology inside the workplace too.  Trends like “data analytics”, “collaboration”, “space efficiency”, “mobility”, “customer experience”, and “millennial attraction” are all key issues that the C-suite is wrestling with; and expecting their CRE and IT teams to address together. Each of these trends are centered on the need for a cohesive approach to the design integration of technology solutions throughout the workplace as a baseline requirement to deliver the returns that these ideas promise.

This session will review the way CRE currently approaches technology, how they can steer the ship on its further adoption into the workplace, and thoughts for managing towards alternative and flexible workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to collaborate with IT, instead of colliding with IT, to deliver a technology enabled workplace
  • What is “IT” today? What will “IT” be in the future?
  • Technology design, integration, and support for the alternative/flexible workplace